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"Yer doin' one heck of a job, Brownie!"
What if your boss offered you a job, a very important job, but it was obvious that you weren't qualified to do that job?

Above we see five pictures. The first is a chocolate desert often called a 'brownie.' The second picture is of a small, elf like creature also called a 'brownie.' The third picture is of a young girl who is a member of an organization for young girls called "The Brownies." The fourth picture is of 'Brownie McGhee,' a blues singer. The fifth picture is a picture of a man named Brown who was appointed the head of an organization called FEMA. His boss, the President of the United States, thinks it is cute and folksy to give people nicknames so he liked to call this man, "Brownie."

So we have five pictures of Brownies up above!

What do the first four pictures have to do with dilemmas? For the purposes of our discussion, very little, I'm afraid. I simply included them to show you the awesome power of Google image search. But if we want to study dilemmas, we might want to take another look at the fellow on the end.

Michael Brown, or "Brownie" as the President liked to call him, was given the leadership of the 'Federal Emergency Management Agency.' This agency is supposed to coordinate state and federal reaction whenever a disaster strikes the United States. In late August of 2003 a massive hurricane named Katrina struck the southeastern shores of the United States. Unfortunately, 'Brownie' and his team didn't know what the $#@&%* they were doing and so the people who lived in the path of the storm were not properly evacuated before the storm and help was slow to reach them after the storm. Many people lost their lives.

After the storm was over, many people began to ask what went wrong. As it turns out, 'Brownie' was not given this important job because he knew what to do in an emergency. He was given the job because he was friends with the President. Brownie had also helped raise a great deal of money for the President's re-election campaign.

What if your boss offered you a job, a very important job, but it was obvious that you weren't qualified to do that job?

Please choose an answer from below:

A) I TAKE THE JOB! I want the big paycheck and the perks!


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